Introducing: the Scrub Seal Box

Since the invention of the modern scrub seal application, few significant innovations have been made to the drag broom that gives the treatment its name …until now. The Scrub Seal Box represents a game-changing new system for performing scrub seals, combining smarter design, improved handling convenience and compatibility with industry leading distributor equipment. 

The revolutionary Scrub Seal Box re-envisions the drag broom concept from the ground up, with ease of operation and superior project delivery in mind. Designed with PASS Rejuvenating Technology in mind, The Scrub Seal Box is a must-have for all Agency Pavement Preservation Programs. Moderately to severely distressed roads are easily treated with a proven emulsion technology that rejuvenates, seals and prolongs pavement life.

Superior Application

• Hydraulically adjustable on the fly from widths of 8ft to 14ft via wireless remote control.
• Unit attaches firmly to the distributor and will not drift on sloped roads or curves.
• Emulsion stays in the box, preventing runoff against curbs or road edges, and mess at the end of shots.
• Three variable broom types available for different surface conditions.

Superior Technology

• Self-contained electric over hydraulic control system.
• Cordless Controller included; operate from cab or on jobsite.
• Hinged construction to auto-flex on crowned roads.
• Utilizes poly head brooms for extended life.

Superior Ease of Use

• Self-contained unit mounts to any distributor with minimal modifications.
• Box can be left attached to distributor when transporting short distances for reloading.
• Quick release broom heads for easy replacement in seconds.
• Includes high-lift attachment for self-loading on trailer.
• Box stands for storage and transportation; extending broom life between production days and preventing brooms from matting when not in use.

To speak with a regional sales representative, please call: (208) 542-7560.