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Our vision and foundation for our corporate philosophy is to be

First Choice

as a Supplier, as a Customer, as a Partner
and as an Employer.

Trust in Experience

Our customers can rely on an experienced sales and operational team to deliver the right products on-time and to exacting specifications.

Our Culture is Quality

To be FIRST CHOICE we rely on our relentless commitment to producing the highest quality products by employing and developing the highest quality people.

Our Pride is Professionalism

Our employees take pride in ownership of their careers and do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Our Quality is a Science

Our products are supported by a state of the art laboratory operated by the BEST technical professionals in the industry.

Our combined organization proudly serves

The Western United States


Together with our subsidiary companies Peak Asphalt, DK Asphalt and Western Emulsions, we have got you covered throughout the West.


With one of the industry’s largest in-house fleets, we offer our customers expert and dependable transport and spreading services through our subsidiary Johnny B. Transport.

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Sustainable Solutions for Pavement Preservation and Recycling

Pavement Preservation is the deliberate practice of protecting and restoring asphalt pavements so they last far beyond their original end-of-life dates. Asphalt Emulsions are the perfect mixture of chemistry, asphalt cement, and water to give you products that are unrivaled in pavement preservation applications. Idaho Asphalt Supply provides pavement preservation emulsion products for a variety of applications and is an established forerunner in quality and innovation.


High-performance Asphalt Binders

Highway agencies have long recognized the benefits of using high-performance polymer-modified asphalts to reduce the amount and severity of distresses, improve thermal properties, and to extend pavement service life. Idaho Asphalt Supply modifies its asphalts with utmost precision, supplying the high-quality materials that meet your specifications.



Quality Asphalt Binders

Asphalt cement is a strong, versatile and weather- and chemical-resistant binding material that adapts itself to a variety of uses, perhaps most commonly to bind crushed stone and aggregate into a firm, tough surface for roads, streets and airport runways. Asphalt cements can be modified to meet different criteria, from warm mix applications to specific climate conditions. Whatever the grade or modifications you require, you can trust Idaho Asphalt Supply’s asphalt cements to be engineered under strict quality conditions, allowing us to deliver consistent results and top performance every time.



Performance Engineered Cutbacks

Asphalt cutbacks use petroleum solvents for dissolving asphalt cement. The solvents are variously called distillate, diluents, or cutter stock. If the solvent used in making the cutback asphalt is highly volatile, it will quickly escape by evaporation. Solvents of lower volatility evaporate more slowly. On the basis of the relative speed of evaporation, cutback asphalts are divided into three types: rapid curing (RC), medium curing (MC) and slow curing (SC).


Our company was founded in 1976 and is now a third-generation family business supplying materials to the highway construction industry. Our company is FIRST CHOICE in the industry due to our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement of the products and services we provide to our customers.



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