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Johnny B Transport is among the largest in-house asphalt transportation companies in their respective markets, with full service capabilities and assets – including asphalt tankers, asphalt spreaders, railcars, and portable pumping units.

As a driver for Johnny B, you’ll get to help us provide the highest quality asphalts and road oils to our customers, which helps develop the strongest and safest roads for everyone to travel on.

Service Areas

We deliver asphalts and emulsions to twelve states in the western United States, from our own facilities throughout the West.

 We would be happy to hire drivers in any of our markets! The black dots on the map are all of our facilities that supply oil.

Company drivers

At Johnny B Transport, we’re offering real trucking opportunities to real drivers – providing our CDL-A professionals with company-owned tankers, great pay, and a homegrown, family atmosphere. Built on traditional values and a commitment to being First Choice, the Johnny B family is here to grow with you!

Are you interested? We strive to be our customers’ First Choice in asphalt and road oils – which means YOU are one of our biggest assets. We offer great pay and benefits to all of our company drivers. We are thrilled to offer the following pay rates: 

  • Trainer pay will be $50.00 per day in addition to regular pay. Trainee and/or Class pay is $20 per hour.
  • $0.53 cents per mile. $0.02 – $0.05 cents per mile incentive bonus. Will be issued in December
  • Lay over pay is $85.00 per night-if the driver is held over on location after 5:00pm to 8:00 am the next day.
  • If the driver is held over the next day and does not load will receive $95.00 for the lost load and the $85.00 for lay over. Total compensation $180.00
  • Drivers are paid a $20.00 load and $20.00 unload fee for each load.  In addition, for each hour AFTER 2 hours of load/unload time, the driver will receive $20.  (For example, a driver arrives to unload product at 8:00 am and is finished unloading at 12:00 pm. The driver will receive $20.00 for loading, $20.00 for unloading, and $20 for the additional 2 hours of unloading time for a total of $80.)
  • Local load minimum mile pay:
    • 0-150 miles is $160.00 (which will include miles and load/unload pay).
    • 151-260 miles is $178.00 (which will include miles and load/unload pay).
  • Interplant Transfers $20 per hour. Calibration is $20 per hour.
  • Truck Pump pay is $30.00 or $20 an hr. after 2 hours (using truck pump to pump off load).
  • Dry out pay is $20 per hour with load and/or non- load.
  • Per-Diem pay is reimbursed at $55 per day to Transport Drivers only, Spreader Operators have a company credit card for their Per-Diem.
    • It will only be paid while working away from home base outside a 24-hour period and must be approved by the Load Manager working at the non-homebased facility to confirm stay.

      All haul rates and lease payments information can be obtained by contacting Kelly Anderson @ kanderson@johnnybtransport.com or by calling 208-524-5871

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